Why You Can’t Rely on a Roomba

We’ve all seen those little robot vacuums rolling around the carpet. They’re neat, they’re trendy, and they’re novel. But just how well do Roombas and robot vacuums actually work? Can you rely on a Roomba to take care of your carpets?

Do you still have to vacuum if you have a Roomba?

One of the main reasons why people buy Roombas and robot vacuums is because they do not want to vacuum. It’s repetitive, it’s boring, and most people can come up with a lengthy list of things they would rather do than walk around the house sucking up dirt with a vacuum cleaner.

However, you still have to vacuum your carpets even if you have a robot vacuum cleaner. Cluttered playrooms, power cords, staircases, and plush carpeting give automated vacuum cleaners fits, and they simply aren’t as powerful as a good upright vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuums might reduce the amount of vacuuming you have to do, or just supplement your cleaning to keep your carpets looking their best. They can’t thoroughly clean your carpets on their own, though. Robot vacuum cleaners also can’t clean your curtains or furniture, and they can’t vacuum in narrow and hard to reach places.

You still have to vacuum even if you own a Roomba. If you truly want to get your carpets clean and extend the lifetime of your wall to wall carpet, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. Check out our article on Improving Air Quality In Your Home if you’re curious to learn more about the air quality within your house.

There’s no substitute for professional carpet cleaning

Vacuuming is a tedious chore that few people actually enjoy. It’s right up there with cleaning the bathroom and dusting ceiling fans. But like removing dust from your home and scrubbing away soap scum, vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is important for your home’s appearance and your family’s health.

A Roomba, or any other robot vacuum, can help whittle down the amount of vacuuming you must do, but it doesn’t replace the need for professional carpet cleaners. In fact, you still need professional carpet cleaning services at least once every six months even if vacuuming is your favorite hobby.

You simply cannot remove all of the dirt, dust mites, bacteria, antigens, and pollutants embedded in your carpet fibers with regular vacuuming alone, and renting a carpet cleaner can just make things worse. You need powerful, professional-grade cleaning equipment for a truly clean carpet. A clean carpet improves the appearance of your home, increases comfort, improves the air quality in your home, and it helps you keep your family healthy.

Advanced Carpet and Janitorial is one of the longest-established carpet cleaning companies in Northwest Arkansas. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning services. Call 479-621-6788 today or get a free online quote for professional carpet cleaning in Northwest Arkansas.

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