Why Does Your Carpet Look Dirty After Cleaning?

You noticed that the wall to wall carpets in your living room were starting to look a little shabby. There were a few spots here and there, and a couple more places where you obviously scrubbed to prevent a stain from setting in. You have pets and young children that don’t wipe their feet before entering your home, and your once ivory carpets are now more of a cream color.

So you decided to rent a carpet cleaner to freshen up your wall-to-wall carpets. You bought some carpet shampoo, watched a video on how to use a carpet cleaner, and you got to work. Your carpet looked better—at first.

Then the stains came back darker, and the whole carpet looked a little dingier. You put a lot of time and effort into cleaning your carpets, but now they look even worse. How is it even possible for a carpet to look dirty after cleaning it?

Why does a carpet look worse after cleaning?

There are a few reasons why your carpet might look dirty after cleaning it with a portable carpet cleaner.

One of the most common reasons for your carpet to look worse after a cleaning, or for stains to reappear, is that your carpet wasn’t dried thoroughly. Moisture attracts particulates in the air, and a damp carpet will hold all of that soil.

Your carpet may also look dirty after cleaning if you use the wrong cleaning solution, or too much solution. This can leave a sort of film that pulls in dirt, dust, and grime.

Some stains don’t stop at the carpet fibers. Really deep stains can lurk in the carpet underlayment. Using too much water and the wrong cleaning equipment can saturate the fibers and the underlay, which brings more of the stain to the surface as it dries.

Call in the pros

Renting or purchasing a carpet cleaner may seem like a good way to save some money. A professional carpet cleaning service like Advanced Carpet and Janitorial is surprisingly affordable, however. It also provides better results than renting a carpet cleaner, and it’s more convenient for you.

If you notice stains reappearing or your carpet looking worse after a cleaning, it could be time for a deep cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning services for all of Northwest Arkansas. Get your free online quote for carpet cleaning today.

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