Do Portable Carpet Cleaners Work?

Portable carpet cleaners can sometimes get the job done for spots and isolated stains. If you have a large stain that needs to be removed before your guests arrive in the next few hours, a home carpet cleaner might be able to get you out of that jam. They can’t always finish the job, however.

Home carpet cleaners, or rug cleaning machines, aren’t a good choice for cleaning really difficult stains, high traffic areas, or large spaces. They can even make your carpet look worse than it did before. Even the best portable carpet cleaners designed for consumers can’t compete with professional carpet cleaners.

The trouble with portable carpet cleaners

The biggest problem with portable carpet cleaners is that they can sometimes make your carpets dirtier than they looked before cleaning them. Home carpet cleaning devices saturate the fibers of your carpet with water and cleaning solution. Most home carpet cleaners are not strong enough to completely remove the water and cleaning product from rugs and carpets, however.

It takes over 6 hours for your carpets to completely dry after using a portable carpet cleaner. This is ample time for the solution in your carpet to attract filth like a magnet, and discolor your carpet. A wet carpet can also mildew if it isn’t dried properly.

Another problem with portable cleaners is that they’re easy to misuse. Most everyone knows how to operate a vacuum cleaner, and people assume that using a home carpet cleaner is pretty much the same thing as using a vacuum. It’s not.

You can’t harm your carpets with a vacuum cleaner, but you can with a portable carpet cleaner.

Sometimes people fail to read the user manual, they don’t think to clean the brushes, they forget to clean or empty the tanks, they accidentally use the wrong cleaning solution, or they assume that all carpet cleaners work the same way. Check out our article, Spring is Here… It’s Time for Mud, for additional information on preventing mud stains on carpets and potential carpet cleaning solutions.

For a really clean carpet, call in the professionals

The safest, most convenient, and most effective way to get your carpet really clean is to call a professional carpet cleaning service. Advanced Carpet & Janitorial offers commercial and residential cleaning in Northwest Arkansas.

We use nontoxic cleaning solutions and professional cleaning equipment that gets the job done the right way. Call 479-621-6788, or get a free quote online.

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