Carpet Odors

Have you ever come home from a trip and noticed… an unpleasant smell in your home? Whether it’s a musty scent, a smoky smell, or a sharp undertone of pet urine, it’s enough to spoil your enjoyment of being back home.

How smelling works

You might not notice those odors in your day to day life, because of a phenomenon known as “olfactory adaptation.” The science behind it is simple yet impressive. Everything gives off molecules, and we breathe in those molecules. Scent receptors in our brains identify smells and sort them out so we can recognize dangers and enjoy positive scents.

Dangers? Sure! The smell of fire or rotten food can alert us to dangers. Smells are also closely associated with memory in our brains. Whether it’s the scent of tangerines carrying us back to a childhood Christmas, a perfume reminding us of a loved one, or the tang of sunscreen making us think of summer vacation, smells can get us right in our emotions.

Fortunately, we don’t continue smelling and responding to those scents all day. After just a few minutes, our brains quit alerting us to the smells that are always around us. Only new scents get the attention of that part of our brain. That’s why you probably don’t notice the smell of your house unless you’ve been away for a few days. If you want to know more about your furry buddy cause messes on the carpet? See Why Does My Pet Wet? in our article., and marvel at the incredible work we accomplish.

Is it your carpet?

What captures scents in your house? Probably the soft furnishings. Your walls can get permeated with cigarette smoke, but most household odors are absorbed by fabrics and fibers.

Chances are, your carpet is the biggest soft furnishing you have. It absorbs and holds smells better than anything else in your house. At Advanced Carpet & Janitorial, we can thoroughly clean your drapes and upholstery, too, but the most likely culprit in a smelly home is the carpet.

You may not notice everyday smells in your home, but you’ll notice the fresh feeling your home has after your carpet is professionally cleaned. Call today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

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