Why Does My Pet Wet?

Your beloved furry friend makes messes on the carpet? There are quite a few possible reasons.

  • Maybe he’s not fully house trained. Let’s be honest. Sometimes we don’t follow through completely with projects, and that can include training animals. Sometimes we feel like the new puppy has the concept even though there are still accidents happening. If you haven’t completely finished training your dog, get that done.
  • Health issues. There are health matters that can cause inappropriate wetting, including urinary tract infections and age-related incontinence. If your pet has been housebroken for a while and starts leaving puddles, visit your vet.
  • Fear. Does your puppy lose control when new people visit? Some pups wet themselves when they’re scared, anxious, or excited. A new baby in the house, loud noises outside, or even your Alexa device can worry some dogs. If that sounds like your four-footed friend, identify the scary circumstance and plan for it. Maybe she needs to go to her crate when guests are expected.
  • Dominance issues. Your dog or even your tomcat may decide to assert himself by marking his territory.
  • Smells. If your animals make one mess, for whatever reason, they may continue to make messes in the same place because of the lingering scent.
  • Spite. If you leave your cat alone longer than he likes and then you find a tell-tale smell in your shoes, you probably have an angry cat.

Once you’ve identified the problem, what can you do to solve it? Take care of the cause of the messes and puddles. Clean up after your animals immediately. However, you have to recognize that some urine may get down into the pad and flooring beneath your carpet. You may need a professional cleaning to recover and keep your animals from continuing to wet on the floor.

Show your carpet cleaning professionals the areas which have had a history of pet messes, and ask about deodorizing.

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