Stress and Housecleaning


Stress and housecleaning have a special relationship. For some a messy house is a source of stress. Others use housecleaning and chores to relieve stress. Maybe you dislike housecleaning so much that the mere sight of a mop or a broom fills you with dread. Keeping your house tidy is important no matter how you view housecleaning, though. Professional carpet cleaning can help take away some of that stress.

Mess can cause stress

According to a survey of over 1,000 respondents, 66% of Americans say that an untidy home causes stress or anxiety. So what type of mess makes people the most unhappy?

  • 27% said that the most irritating type of mess in the home is clutter.
  • 18% can’t stand pet and human hair.
  • 15% are fed up with dirt and sand.
  • 14% don’t like crumbs and spills.
  • 12% are over stains.

A messy home can make it difficult to relax and enjoy your environment. It’s also stressful if you’re constantly cleaning and yet your house keeps getting messy. Then there’s the added stress of an untidy home when you’re expecting guests. Check out our article, The Hygiene Hypothesis, if you’re interested in learning more about how the hygiene hypothesis contends that exposure to germs and dirt is necessary for the development of our immune systems. In addition, it can be difficult if after all of your hard work, the house is still filthy.

Stress could improve your cleaning skills

Some research indicates that anxiety may make you a better house cleaner. A study published in the journal Current Biology examined the relationship between temporary anxiety and obsessive cleaning.

Researchers established that when under stress, people carried out the repetitive motions of cleaning more thoroughly than those who were not under pressure. The idea is that when people are subject to anxiety they seek familiar, repetitive behaviors that give a sense of control.

It’s not uncommon for people to “angry clean”, or treat cleaning as therapeutic, meditative, or simply as a distraction.

Stress or no stress, a clean home is important

Maybe housecleaning provides you with a stress release, or maybe a messy house is the source of your anxiety. Either way, a professional carpet cleaning service can help you.

Routine carpet cleaning improves the comfort in your home, it improves indoor air quality, it helps reduce stress and improves your mood, and it significantly increases the lifespan of your carpet.

You should have your carpets cleaned professionally every six months to a year for your family’s health, for your mental well being, and to keep your wall to wall in good condition.

Advanced Carpet & Janitorial provides professional carpet cleaning services in Northwest Arkansas for commercial and residential properties. We use nontoxic cleaning solutions and professional cleaning equipment so you can feel good about how great your carpet looks. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer power washing, tile and grout cleaning, and complete janitorial services.

Call Advanced Carpet & Janitorial at 479-621-6788, or get a free online quote for professional carpet cleaning in Northwest Arkansas.

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